Diabetes Integrated Wellness Society

About Us

An association of distinguished professionals, specialists, and experts par excellence, with a difference


A vision of Dr. Rajiv Garg, Dr. N K Rojha, Dr. Kishore P Madhwani, Dr. Sanjay Dhawan and Dr. Rakesh Garg;  a think tank of doyens from diverse realms and specialties with their exceptional wealth of expertise and skills honed over a lifetime of experience , that has come into being. The core ideal of the association is to create an inclusive and tangible footprint in the fields of a sustainable environment, promotion of occupational health and safety, and also a holistic approach to wellness, as elucidated below.

Going by the logo, the various symbols signify:

At  twelve O’ clock, a holistic approach  to living and well-being encompassing all aspects of wellness , that is to say  lifestyle management, diet, nutrition, exercise, physical fitness, stress management, yoga, meditation; the various forms , spiritual and mental health

At one O’ clock, the issues of gender and gender equality, particularly a host of unattended and neglected problems of the fair sex

At three O’ clock, the industry; with all its facets spread on a very huge canvas of industrial, occupational hazards, health and safety, not only in manufacturing but also agriculture sector, aviation and travel medicine, marine and altitude medicine, and  industrial hygiene

At four O’ clock, bio-hazards, bio-safety, bio-security and bio-vigilance

At five O’ clock, the bicycle symbolizes a continuum of physical & mental wellbeing as an integral part of good health and living. As a healthy way of life it would also include the food safety as an essential element and physical fitness with a specific accent on geriatrics

At six O’ clock, symbolic of radio frequency waves but here inclusive of all types of EM waves, ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, their hazards and risks from nuclear energy generation; exposure, accidents and  explosions ,nuclear medicine, and hazards from man- made and natural sources

At seven O’ clock, the re-cycling; processes and protocols for biodegradable and non-biodegradable matter and material for the good of environment and the very survival of all life

At eight O’ clock, nanotechnology, the exciting new frontier of science also with anticipated extensive applications in pharmacology but very little known pathophysiological or safety profiles, aspects, outcomes or consequences

At  nine O’ clock, building and construction including other urban development segments as water supply, sanitation etc. with major  contribution of the unorganized human labour who suffer from  a host of occupational and non-occupational diseases, and the adverse environmental and climatic impacts like solid waste generation, toxic generation, pollutions like noise, dust, air, water pollution and hazardous emissions etc.   

At  ten O’ clock, ergonomics; an important constituent of occupational  health  which remains under recognized and  neglected even now, and  in spite of rising incidents of musculo-skeletal disorders right from the unskilled construction workers to blue collars  and  white collars.  More & more workers are developing & reporting these problems at an increasingly younger age

At eleven O’ clock, water and its conservation