Diabetes Integrated Wellness Society

Mission and Vision

Integrated Diabetes Wellness Society is committed to enrich quality of life though therapeutic lifestyle changes. The society aims at conducting specialized program for all ages. The rapid pace of development of stress faulty life style and increase in non-communicable diseases make such events of paramount importance. This keeps us abreast of latest state of art techniques and technologies. The continuum of physical & mental wellbeing is an integral part of good health and living. As a healthy way of life it would also include the healthy diet and food safety as an essential element and physical fitness with a specific accent on geriatric.
The processes and protocols for biodegradable and non-biodegradable matter and material for the good of environment are the very survival of all life .Nanotechnology, the exciting new frontier of science also with anticipated extensive applications in pharmacology but very little known pathophysiological or safety profiles, aspects, outcomes or consequences .Ergonomics; an important constituent of health which remains under recognized and neglected even now, and in spite of rising incidents of musculo-skeletal disorders .. More & more people are developing & reporting these problems at an increasingly younger age.